◊ Infographic and illustration ◊

Private neighborhoods

This project tackles the enigmatic reality of Private Neighborhoods in Uruguay and their societal impact. Despite being one of the nation's most significant territorial conflicts, these neighborhoods remain shrouded in secrecy.

Our infographic aims to illuminate the fact that even if these neighborhoods were fully occupied, only 1% of Uruguayan society would have access to them. The majority of the population resides outside these exclusive enclaves, grappling with their implications.

Extensive research and iterative design processes were integral to our approach. We invite you to explore the infographic to delve deeper into the subject. This collaborative effort involved Sofia Miranda, Isabel Gomez, Olivia Coelho, and myself.
We chose the graphic language of Wally as it offered a unique way to convey multiple concepts simultaneously. The idea of searching for someone you can't see resonated with the elusive nature of private neighborhoods and their inhabitants. Typically, little is known about these enclaves, and information is often buried, making it challenging to uncover.

Wally symbolizes the residents of these neighborhoods, reflecting the exclusivity and mystery surrounding them. As an imported book primarily enjoyed by a privileged few in Uruguay, Wally was a fitting representation of this elite group. Additionally, Wally's adventurous nature parallels the exploration required to uncover information about private neighborhoods.

The graphic language of Wally also allowed us to convey chaos and complexity, mirroring the external environment outside these exclusive enclaves. We incorporated interactivity, providing a list of objects to be found to guide viewers through the infographic in their preferred reading order. This approach enhanced engagement and facilitated a deeper understanding of the subject matter.